“Skateboarding’s Greatest Hits” is up for free download now at Quote Unquote Records

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Hey Gang!

Remember in May when I said I was making an ep of cover songs to help out our friends at the nonprofit Skate After School? Well, it’s done now and it’s up for free, although if you feel inclined you can donate to Skate After School on the download page.

Here are some fun facts!
I recorded it at my house and played everything on it with two fantastic exceptions: Ian Graham from Cheap Girls sang on “I Melt with You” and Trip Metal icon John Olson from Wolf Eyes played his magical homemade noise belt on “South of Heaven. ”

Here is the full track list, along with the original artists and the skate videos the original songs were in:

1.) London Dungeon; Misfits (Mike Maldonado, Toy Machine’s Welcome to Hell)
2.) Motor Away; Guided By Voices (Branen Fitzgerald, Cowtown’s Sidewire)
3.) Cyanide Breath Mint; Beck (Brad Staba, Foundation’s Nervous Breakdown)
4.) I Melt with You; Modern English (Steve Berra, Foundation’s Tentacles of Destruction)
5.) South of Heaven; Slayer (Erik Ellington, Zero’s Misled Youth)
6.) Rock and Roll Suicide; David Bowie (Arto Saari, Flip’s Sorry)

This was a very fun project, I hope you enjoy it!

With love,