An Open Letter to Skateboarding /// Sean’s making a covers ep for Skate After School!

An ep of some of the many songs I (Sean) first heard in skate videos

An ep of some of the many songs I (Sean) first heard in skate videos

Dear Skateboarding,

Sean here.

I think you already know this, but you mean a lot to me.
Having been a fairly avid skateboarder for most of my life, I feel like I’ve learned a lot from you. You taught me how important it is to enjoy what I do, to not measure my accomplishments against others, to challenge myself as an individual. You also taught me that competition can be really fun when it’s rooted in personal growth, and that it’s a great feeling to try really hard at something and finally make it. I dunno if you saw, but I finally learned 360 flips last month after 15+ years of trying them!
Skateboarding, you have informed the way I approach music and art. Thanks to you, I mostly believe that it’s the way you land a trick, draw a picture, write a song that makes it special. You taught me how to chase feelings and energy, and how to harness them for something meaningful and tangible. You actually taught me how to be a happier person, in fact, you’re STILL teaching me.

Thank you Skateboarding.

My friends in Phoenix started a program called Skate After School. They go to schools in the Phoenix area with a bunch of helmets and boards and they skate with kids. I went to Skate After School a couple weeks ago, it’s really fun! The best part is that my friends don’t act like coaches when they’re skating with the kids, they just teach them how to enjoy skateboarding.

They’re raising money to beef up the program and and reach more schools. As a thank you to skating and because I believe in this program, I am contributing an exclusive digital collection of 5-6 cover songs that I first heard while watching skate videos. It’s going to be called something like: “Sean Bonnette Plays Some Skate Video Hits.” Maybe I’ll end up calling it something different but that’s the premise. I’m still deciding the full track list but these will definitely be on it:
“London Dungeon” by the Misfits (Mike Maldonado’s part in Welcome To Hell),
“Rock and Roll Suicide” by David Bowie (Arto Saari’s part in Sorry) and
“Cyanide Breathmint” by Beck (Brad Staba’s first song in Nervous Breakdown)

I will be recording it at my house this summer.

Here’s the indiegogo page, the other incentives are really cool too, for $600 dollars Jaws will ollie over you off your roof!