Southern USA Tour with Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts and Rozwell Kid, Sean solo in Chicago, Fun Fun Fun Fest and more?

Hi Gang! Sean here.

Jesus Christ it’s been a looooooong time since we posted anything on our website. It’s not that we haven’t had anything to post, it’s just that we’re forgetful and probably also lazy.  We played FYF in August, that was tight. Got to see Kanye AND Run The Jewels. Then we toured Australia with the Smith Street Band, the Sidekicks, and the Sugarcanes. That was also very tight. We got to play in front of massive Australian crowds and debut some new songs. Here’s a video of some skating and koalas and kangaroos that I made on my phone. Enjoy! Now, on to the news! (CLICK ON THE PICTURES FOR MORE DETAILS! THAT’S RIGHT! THE PICTURES ARE ALSO LINKS!!!)

Sean’s playing a show in Chicago next week. The request list will be in full effect at the merch table, and he’s gonna play some new songs and probably a David Bowie Cover.


sean beat kitchen

Then we’re playing Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin with D’Angelo and Venom! We’re still pretty new to playing big festivals like this, it’s so exciting!!  Wu Tang! Alvvays! Skinny Pruppy!


After Fun Fun Fun we really hit the big time with a tour of the south with the legendary Jeffrey Lewis and his new band Los Bolts, as well as West Virginia’s Rozwell Kid, who are, in my opinion, the perfect band. J-Lew and the ‘Kid are gonna rock all the socks off, we couldn’t be happier to be touring with them.



Stay on the lookout for new songs at these shows, because we’re getting ready to make another album.

Well, that’s been the news for this week. I hope someone reads this!!


Sean and the rest of AJJ.